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  • Easy and Unified

    Manage your domain names, web hosting accounts and servers from a single, unified interface that delivers the best user experience.

  • Security Guarantee

    No longer worry about your security, our client interface gives you the best security with 4096-bit SSL encryption.

  • Continuous Optimization

    Innovation is the core business of our team that works daily to provide the best optimizations to provide you with the top of the UX.

Optimized Hosting

Oxahost is a provider of web hosting and Internet solutions, positioning itself in 5 countries, based primarily .

Our challenge is to provide you with the best hosting service at a discounted price, this is the main role that Oxahost has taken in positioning itself as a leader in web hosting .

Web Hosting: Top 10 Reasons

  • 1- Local technical support
    In most cases, web hosting providers outsource their technical support department to a foreign country. This is not the case at Oxahost, receive accurate and reliable answers to your questions and problems thanks to our 100% support .
  • 2- Continuous innovation
    Our experts work daily on innovation and create new services tailored to the needs of our customers, or enhance our existing services to provide you with the best experience using our services of web hosting, domain names or other services.
  • 3- Simplified management
    Manage your web hosting and your servers from a unified and simplified management interface whatever your technical level, beginner or geek. We provide our customers with all the necessary and advanced tools to ensure the success of their business on the Internet.
  • 4- Multi-country hosting
    We have put redundant infrastructures based on several countries to offer you the freedom to choose the geolocation of your web hosting. It helps you get the most out of your target country and also helps you be competitive with Google Search.
  • 5- Maximized security
    We put the data security of our customers in front of all our priorities, that is why we have invested to set up Perfins & Anti-DDOS of any level, such as BitNinja for the case of web hosting, which you Protects 99% of cyber attacks.
  • 6- Satisfied or refunded - 60 Days
    Oxahost exclusivity - this is the most important guarantee for our customers because we know that choosing a reliable web host is a difficult task for them. Try our services of web hosting and servers for 60 days and be reimbursed if you will not be satisfied.
  • 7- Flexibility and adaptation
    Have you had more traffic on your website? Easily upgrade your web hosting by paying only the difference of the bills. The upgrade of web hosting and servers is automatic and transparent, ensuring our customers the best experience.
  • 8- Irreproachable quality
    We always use the latest technologies in our servers, to ensure unequal performance for our web hosting and servers. Stay safe from hardware failure and focus on your business.
  • 10- Backup of data
    We provide a scheduled backup of all your data for ongoing data protection. Our Level 1 RAID storage ensures that your data is completely mirrored and protected in real time from hardware failures.
What our customers say
  • « So far my experience with Oxahost is very positive, the customer support is impeccable, the hosting solutions and other tools of Cpanel perfectly meet my expectations. Their responsiveness is indispensable to me in the realization of a client web project. »Oxahost has quickly become a trusted partner on which our company can count at any time, thanks to the quality of its support but also through its relevant advice in terms of technical evolution.Thank you to your team, and especially to your professionalism. "

    - Manager
    Digi Art Work
  • "I found with Oxahost all the services I needed to create for the site. Very satisfied with the result, even if it does not please everyone. I am rather proud of what I have created despite my great ignorance in this area. Oxahost teams are well trained and available. All I need in my opinion so. I recommend without hesitation! "

    - Manager
    Trends Digital Agency
  • "Seeing the delicacy of our activity as a web agency dedicated to travel agencies, any minute of unavailability of service is expensive. At Oxahost, I did not have any stop of service during all the year, bravo Oxahost! "

    - President
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